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think You know everything about the subject is to take care of your skin?

Most think well you really know everything…

you May not know, but some habits common to the day-to-day can be quite harmful to the beauty and health of it.

we List a few bad habits that should be eliminated with sure your human skin will thank you.

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Check out the tips to have a healthier skin


  1. Avoid Exfoliation in excess
    Many beauticians agree that exfoliate the skin is good and makes it appear delicious, but it is recommended to go easy. Do exfoliation in excess increases the production of oil, which provides the appearance of blackheads since it spreads bacteria. An alternative smoother is to apply a cream or gel with glycolic acid 2 or 3 times per week this will renew and the very surface layers of your skin structure.
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  3. Talk directly to the phone
    Recline your chin or cheeks on the surface of a phone may lead to the emergence of blackheads. This happens even if the object is clean and free of bacteria! This happens because the simple act of supporting the face cause friction and heat, increasing the oiliness. Want a cool tip? Use headphone.
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  5. Use brushes makeup dirty
    A lot of people think this a tip without direction, the more you can change your mind if you know the consequences of not washing their instruments: colors of makeup mixed, clogged pores and bacterial infections. If you use the brushes regularly the frequency of cleaning should be once every 20 days, and the best option is to wash your brushes with a mild shampoo (if you want, try to apply condition to leave them soft). Rinse well and let dry overnight.
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  7. Skip the lap and the neck
    The neck and the neck are always exposed and rarely receive the same level of hydration and sun protection the face. But note: the skin in these regions is very delicate and vulnerable to photo aging. The solution is simple: the next time you apply cream and sunscreen on the face, extend the treatment until the neckline, not a hint simple that works very well.
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  9. Find that the sunscreen does not block anything
    Unanimity among the dermatologist is the best way to protect the skin from wrinkles and stains is abuse of sunscreen, with an spf minimum of 30. It may seem useless now, but you will thank you immensely in the future and see that the effort was worth it. Let’s get to the tips: formulas that protect from UVA and UVB rays have the longest duration. Apply the amount of a tablespoon to the face and cover the entire extension of the body that stay exposed. In the days of job, reapply in time to return home, if the day still is clear – even if it is not out of the car. If you spend the day in places that are external, reapply the product every two hours, it seems much more worth.

→ See the Other Tips and Skin Care in the Infographic Above

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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