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Care Before you Dye the Hair

to Dye the hair needs specific care, in the home or at the salon.

Prior to the application of chemistry, it is important to follow some tips for the paint not to damage the wires, and to achieve the desired coloration.

Who dyes the yarn knows, that the hair need special care during the hottest time of the year.

few people know it but the cuticle is very sensitive and can be damaged by simple exposure to the sun, wind, sand, sea water and swimming pool.

If this happens, the scales are open, and the wire, porous. Unfortunately the result is a hair dry, brittle, faded and dull.

But believe me it is easy to protect and maintain wires healthy.

we Separated for you to simple tips for your hair to resist the aggressions of the sun, the beach and the pool.

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The hydration is essential, as the wires dry and porous risk of non-absorbing ideal of the dye.

Keep your hair hydrated is very important in the process of painting the wires, and it is possible to perform the hidratações complete at home, in a simple way.

The recommendation is to moisturizing at least once weekly, with tip for products enriched with shea, macadamia or argan oil.

In the case of wireless very weak, it is important to choose products of restructuring, with keratin and protein by the formula.

In relation to the doubts on the tone for implementation in the wires, it is ideal to analyze the color of the eyes. In general, green or blue eyes have to do with skin cold, with highlight blonde platinum plated, red-maroon, or brown-gray, as examples.

The eyes are brown or darker have a relationship with a skin-neutral or hot, and the tip is to bet the wires copper or shades of brown.

An important detail is to perform the test of the strand, with paint only a piece of the hair, so one arrives at some notion of the result of a certain color by the wires; it is not always identical to that of the box.

And this helps to detect allergic reactions. When it is applied chemical element in the hair, the process is somewhat damaging, and with two types of application, the situation worsens.

The recommended, according to experts, is not to carry out straighten your hair in the case of the people who make dye.

But this is not possible in all cases, therefore, it is interesting to coloring the hair earlier and then opt for relaxations and progressive.

The wire can not absorb the color, if there is straightening before. In case you have made smoothing and there is desire to paint the wires, the tip is to choose paint tonalizante, process less harmful.

it Is important to choose the products without much damage to the hair; dyes without ammonia have a lower aggression. In reflexes, the tip is to opt for paints the powder, bleaching, wired porous.

And for coverage of the white wires, it is critical to look at the hairdresser’s.

There are techniques to cover only wires that will bother you, and this way is avoided the application without the need for the rest of the wicks. The people who retouch the root in the house can choose the tonalizantes.

Protect hair from the sun’s rays. When applying the coloring on the wires, it undergoes a change in its entire structure.

to Summarize, the cuticle is open, the melanin is oxidised to a new color is put in place.

then, the cuticle is closed. This process leaves the wires much more sensitive to the action of ultraviolet rays, and espõe your hair to damage. Therefore, the leave-in sun protection are essential.

Keep the color of the yarn dyed is important, few people know it, but just like your skin, the wires also change color under the action of the sun. This is because the sun’s rays penetrate the fibers capillaries and alter the original hue of the coloration.

in short blond can be greenish, and brown, reddish. For this reason, those who dye the hair should always apply a product with sun protection, without rinsing.

If you schedule, and avoid dyeing hair during the summer, Do the minimum of dyes as possible during the season, the hottest part of the year. Has wicks, retouch only the root. And let the changes ultrarradicais to the end of the season.

Want to brighten the visual the visual the tip is to avoid the dye of one color only, which leaves the threads deleted and opaque. Invest in wicks into very thin is a great.

Make this tip a rule use shampoos for dyed hair In the summer it is common to wash your hair more often even more than once per day.

Knowing this, use shampoos for tinted hair, that have assets able to avoid fading. Pass away from the antirresíduos, because they reduce the durability of the dye.

I said Pedro Bial Use sunscreen, this should be a daily care. Apply sunscreen ALWAYS, THE reapplication of the protector on the wires should be done every four hours. But, if before that range you take a dip, pass the product again.

How to Prolong your Dyed Hair

If deep black, blonde platinum or sometimes grey, turquoise or pink: The shift of hair color makes a completely new look and can revolutionize the life style. But the most beautiful color is useless if the hair is dull and without power.

Especially the dyed hair in summer is particularly stressed. With these tips to the care they remain shiny and healthy


If you use aggressive ingredients, such as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia swells the hair, so that the pigments can penetrate.

The most important is a care that smoothes the hair’s surface and restores. For an extreme change it is important to leave to an expert.

The professional knows exactly what type of hair can support as much chemistry, making the color change as smoothly as possible.

Even so, to the new color if you keep more, you must always use the shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment specifically to treat with the hair color being used. This one cleans gently and grows intensely. Use anti-dandruff shampoo ,however, it makes the hair color fade faster.

UV Protection

A good addition to the beauty care are personal hygiene products, such as coverings above. Apart from a portion of extra care and shine, sprinkle the hair with a UV protection, especially in the summer is a must for dyed hair.

Even after four weeks, it may be time to dye. Also the length, makes disappear the color you want with the time, in spite of the best customer service. To keep the chemical as low as possible, you should consult the expert.

Tips for a Tinge of Long-Term

The new color is like a new life. Is with bright highlights or dark tones: Often, the shine is lost after a week.

To extend your beauty see these 7 tips :

1. Wash the hair not only with water

A shampoo can be absolutely devastating to the color. But washing with just water can destroy the hair color. Water swells the hair fiber so that dye molecules soluble in water can escape.

This effect is particularly strong for the hair that is dyed regularly, because these are often damaged. It swells up and loses its colour more easily.

Those who want to protect themselves, before washing, treat with a primer pre-wash, which prevents the molecules of the color to be washed.

2. Avoid some products

The oils and hair serums brightness do good to your hair.

With the dyed hair, this can definitely have an undesirable effect: Make sure that the products on it, it does not contain silicones. These strengthen the hair, while pulling, but are also the most pollutants and environmental toxins in the air make the colors appear dull.

3. Keep your hair

Who wants to prolong the pleasure of their colour, must keep fully your hair. Brush rough is just as harmful as clogging or packages by pressing a permanent in a ponytail or bun.

This permanently damage the surface of the hair.

If the structure of the hair is attacked, dye molecules are more easily expelled.

Be careful when combing or brushing. If you have the hair too hard, use a careful moisturizer that facilitates the combing.

Want to have your hair absolutely off your face, tie a loose ponytail with a wide range of head.

4. Avoid excessive heat

Another opponent for the color of the shiny hair is the intense heat. Who dry lot, working with the straightening or iron the ribbon, you damage the surface of the hair. Before drying, make a treatment oil-heat protection.

5. Cut the tips regularly

The horns are the parts for older hair. This means that this part has the majority of the attacks and influences from the environment suffered.

Only the ends are, therefore, often damaged and becomes difficult to absorb molecules of color. In addition, the tips do not work so colorful as the rest of the hair.

Therefore, at least every 10 weeks must cut the edges.

6. You regularly use hair conditioners

Treat your hair in every wash with a nourishing conditioner. In addition, you should plan for a hair treatment every week.

The healthier you keep the hair, the easier it will assume the color, and may radiate more.

Who dye hair more often, you should particularly pay more attention. Although there are new products that protects the hair also in frequent intervals, you must give the appropriate treatment.

7. Avoid excessive levels of UV light

The strong light of the sun strikes the structure of the hair, which is essential to a beautiful result of color.

in addition, the sun dries the hair out, becomes fragile and can, then, be more difficult to comb your hair. Really good care products with UV protection are scarce.

the Most effective is, therefore, still is to use a hat. If you can’t avoid the light of the sun, protect yourself with a leave-in conditioner to keep the moisture in the hair. In addition, a hydrating mask then.

→ See The Other Tips for a Dyed in the Infographic Above

UPDATED: 06.06.17



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