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How to stop dandruff. Learn here how to stop the hair with dandruff with useful tips and functional.
You need to act Fast. Understand what Causes Dandruff, and Learn How to Avoid it the Simple Way and Quickly.
Below you will find Tips natural to Avoid Dandruff and Seborrhea

>> Grass Lemon To Eliminate Dandruff, Pimples and Blackheads

The grass lemon is an herb scented and refreshing that brings many health benefits.

it Is an excellent drink detoxification to ward off the cough, and maintain good digestion.

it Is known by the name of grass, lemon because of its fragrance, and also contain many benefits for beauty.

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>> Like the grass on a lemon can help you?

Infections of the skin: The citral, a major component present in the oil of lemon balm is effective in the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.

This component kills all fungi are present in an infection of the skin.

Dandruff treatment homemade: The oil of grass in the lemon reduces the dandruff giant and this is why it is an ingredient in many shampoos.

It also soothes the itch of dry scalp. The scalp remains hydrated, and is not oily, because of the properties astringents of lemon grass without causing dryness excessive.

get Rid of acne: grass, lemon is an excellent choice for the skins that have pimples because it has antibacterial properties.

It is also a natural astringent that minimizes pores and clean the skin thoroughly.

The properties astringents are effective on oily skin and helps to keep excessive oiliness away from the skin.

The oil of lemon balm, can also be used to eliminate blackheads and clean pores.

healthy hair: The high volatility of the grass in lemon improves the oiliness of the hair and strengthens the wires, leaving them more shiny, healthy and promoting growth.

The grass lemon is, therefore, useful to stimulate the growth of hair and prevent its falling.

Your body odor: sodium Bicarbonate is effective in the elimination of body odor.

Add to this a few drops of oil of lemon grass scented, citrusy and refreshing, and you have a perfumed deodorant ready.

You can also try mouthwash with grass, lemon, to get rid of bad breath.

>> How to use grass, or lemon?

Grass lemon in the steam: When using the steam facial, add a little lemon grass in the water to a boil.

The properties of this plant will help to eliminate blackheads and clear the pores to prevent acne.

Add a few drops of oil of lemongrass for massaging your scalp.

Boil a bit of lemon grass with water and use this ready to rinse your hair after your wash.

The grass lemon is astringent and helps you get rid of the excess oil in the hair.

You can also freeze the water with grass, lemon, and use these ice cubes to apply to your skin and prevent blackheads and pimples.

It is beneficial for oily skins, a great option for the zone-T.

You can boil the grass and lemon with hot water and then coá it. Save this oil and apply it on your hair to fight against dandruff causes.

Beautiful Hair During the Summer

the sea and Sun, your best enemies.

Exactly as it gives the skin a good appearance of the sun in small doses it gives our hair brilliance undeniable, reinforced by the effect of vitamin D and a diet more balanced usually in the summer.

But, just like our skin, it can also turn out to be your worst enemy.

The sun dehydrates the body in general and hair in particular.

it Is bleach and dry, under the combined effect of solar radiation and salt or chlorine, which create an effect of increase and, thus, accelerate the process of dehydration.

however, our hair is not all equal under the sun.

The hides hairy oily benefit as much from their shelves and astringent effect of the sea water, the salt regulates the production of sebum and often sweep the dandruff and itching.

The higher risk profile, however, must be sought in the fine hair, dried and processed chemically colored, bleached or permanent-that are already very weakened.

It was that, more than others, which can end up the summer dull, and brittle, far from the impression of “good health” that if I expected to get them.

Avoid drying

To fight against this “effect of straw” the feared, the experts agree on the importance of a simple gesture:

Wash with fresh water immediately after the bath to remove all traces of salt or chlorine on the hair and scalp.

A good habit that must, however, be accompanied, for maximum protection, the use of a solar product, specific to be applied, as for the body, even before the start of the exhibition.

Gels, oils, creams, pot, or spray, hair only, or mixed given the existing offer, the most delicate now is which to choose.

The oils are very effective, but tend to weigh down fine hair, which can be unpleasant.

that is why it Is best to concentrate to them gels of protection lighter and book oils to thick hair.

Change your habits care

Exposed to wind and sun, wet, dry, bathed, tied, oiled.

Our hair is subjected to the era of a thousand tests that require specific treatment.

The goal is to make them even more nutrition than during the rest of the year.

that means speeding up hydrating masks, by means of a sample application per week for daily use.

But it also means to turn to products less harmful and more nutritious.

Therefore, potentially drying finishes the treatment with the shampoo, the summer is the season of mild shampoo, such as neutral pH, which are more suitable for everyday use.

Turning to natural solutions

Plants and essential oils can also be allies valuable for those who are looking for more natural.

The ingredients in please?

Shampoo, Edelweiss, known for their lightness and oat milk, which has the rare advantage of power so that the hair from the scalp itself.

For the care, masks maracujazeiro used to nourish fine hair without weighing it down until now, as long as the hair is thick prefer shea type of butter oil or vegetable oils of jojoba, ultra nourishing.

The more daring will also embark on homemade recipes, but always with caution.

As for the hair, all the “grandmother of tricks” is not good to take.

Between the good ideas to keep:

Masks homemade with egg are many nutritious, but book with thick hair (the ends, otherwise you end up bloated) and the washes added the juice of half a lemon.

But be careful, again, if the lemon acts on the keratin and, therefore, the brightness and the elasticity of the hair are important to avoid applying it on the hair dry, tinted or permanent, which is already very fragile.


essential Oils of mint and eucalyptus, which is the application of massage directly to the scalp before washing.

They are very effective in getting rid of the last vestiges of salt.

And they offer the additional advantage of a delicious refreshing in the summer.

A hint of beauty and well-being for our hair go, like us, was a very good one.

normal Hair or dry

Lubricated naturally the sebum, they are cleansed by the water of the sea.

For all others, UV, swimming, repeated, sand, wind alter the protein keratin is essential for hair and the film hydrolipid.

The sun dry them, and bombarded by free radicals that the ends are rough, brittle, and split do, especially if they are long, dry, or colored.

The water in the sea or swimming pool causes the leakage of pigments.

Salt dehydrates and irritates the scalp, causing itchiness;

Chlorine color ruin, prevents the hair to breathe and tarnish.

To eliminate it, a simple, well rinsed, to wash them.

And, in any case protected.

normal Hair or dry deserve special care with the filters to create a protective barrier and moderate the impact of UV oxidation.

These filters also contain antioxidants and oils that form a sheath hidrófoba around the fiber to the waterproofing.

be Careful with oils, no filters, such as Monoi, whose texture attracts the sun.

Protection moisturizing sunscreen with Argan oil, Essential Haircare Davines.

Protection restorative cream series Solar Sublime expert of L’oréal.

sunscreen enhancer BLONDME Schwarzkopf.

fine Hair

If your hair is good, adopt oils:

They spread well in a mass capillary thin.

Spray a small amount before you go to the beach or pool, emphasizing the length and ends, then comb your hair with your fingers to spread it.

To be renewed every three hours, and before each bath.

If your hair is thick, use a cream: for texture, the most heavy, that will penetrate your dense matter.

most important, do not forget to wash your hair with fresh water after you swim.

palm Oil Greyl Leonor

the protective Oil was KPF 90

sesame Oil Rene Furterer.

UPDATED: 07.06.17



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