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Shingles, also known as shingles, is an infection caused by the virus varicella-zoster.

according To the Center for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 1 million cases of shingles occur in the United States every year.

The virus varicella zoster also causes chickenpox.

When a person gets chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in the nervous tissues of the body, even after treatment.

Shingles occurs when the virus is reactivated. Still do not know what causes the virus to reactivate.

anyone Who has had chickenpox can catch herpes in lips. The elderly and those who have had chickenpox before one year of age are at the greatest risk.

in addition, people with weak immune system and those suffering from health conditions such as cancer, lymphoma, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and leukemia are at a higher risk of contracting herpes.

The main feature of the tiles are rashes red in the skin, with pain and burning sensation.

The rash is usually on one side of the body and occurs in small patches, mainly on trunk, buttocks or face.

The rash can be very itchy and can develop into blisters.

Other symptoms of herpes are headache, fever, body aches, fatigue and sensitivity to light.

Tiles can end up on your own in about three to four weeks.

There are antiviral medicines that are very effective in the treatment of herpes.

You can also use some home remedies natural to help relieve the discomfort of shingles and possibly speed up the healing process.