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How to make Hair Grow Faster Using a Home Remedy for Hair loss

Baldness: the loss of hair usually has a natural cause.

The hair that was weak becomes thinner, the end is always higher on the back of the head.

For some, a reason to laugh, for those interested a reason to cry.

hair loss vitamin, which means loss of beauty, of self-esteem.

Surveys have shown: full hair, thick, brings security, considered to be vibrant and young.

But what do you do when every morning the same clumps of hair are stuck in the brush and comb?

There are infinite resources on the market that have only one goal: to take the money out of pocket.

But there are also home remedies healthy, that you can use to treat hair loss.

Only one thing is equal to those referred to the leaves that spring from a panacea, the new hair.

The female hair loss in almost all cases it is a problem of natural, which also opposed home remedies proven.

Cook 200 g of roots of the nettle with a liter of vinegar and a liter of water for half an hour.

So, three times per week, massageei the hair and the scalp.

Let the dermatologist examine your fungus on the scalp.

And if you treat them once in a while with coconut oil, so this also has a positive effect.

it Is as simple as cheap: Stop smoking.

The nicotine constricts the blood vessels, the capillary super-thin on the scalp and can bring more blood to the hair roots, the nutrients are left out and wither the roots.

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>> Another Proven Remedy For Hair Loss:

The acidification of the body leads to hair loss.

Avoid animal fats, white flour products, sugary drinks, excess sugar, coffee, black tea, alcohol, nicotine, carbonated water, and dairy products with fat.

Increased stress leads to flaking and strengthening vertal in the scalp, which in turn leads to the excessive hair loss.

Find Your Inner Balance.

do Not use detergent with a high proportion of perfume.

Make a healing with a preparation of Bockhorn.

Use lemon juice and olive oil and rub so that the scalp two times per week a.

Washing the hair once a week with beer. Wash after half an hour with a lemon or weak solution of vinegar.

Chop an onion finely and mix with honey. Apply this pope in the evening in the scalp, cover it well and leave it overnight. Wash very well in the morning.

Mix the wheat germ oil in a hair dye, and then apply once per week.

Cut a large onion into small cubes, add 100 ml of alcohol into a sealed bottle for two weeks then dilute with two glasses of water. Massageei the scalp on a daily basis.

Do a treatment with a tea basic that establishes the balance between acids and bases in the body again.

>> Other tips Useful and Simple:

healthy Hair enhances our beauty and make us feel confident.

Take the maximum care of the hair, because there are some errors very common, most of us do unconsciously.

It damages our hair follicles, resulting in hair damage.

> Hair Care and Avoid Errors:

1. Brush the Hair from Root to Ends:

Brush or pentei the hair and spreads the natural oils from the roots to the tips.

But brushing the hair from the root can damage and break the hair in the middle or at the end especially when the hair is thin or wet when easily tangles.

Never forget that your hair is weakest when it is wet.

So start at the end and gently brush the hair gradually approaching the roots.

also, Make sure you use a comb that can handle smoothly your hair type, and length.

They are different brushes available in the market for different purposes.

Choose one according to your need.

Another tip would be make sure that your brush has soft bristles made of natural fibers.

2. Overload the Hair with Products:

Many products can weigh the hair down which seems a little flattering.

This is, of course, including the fact that I am aware, that too many chemicals are bad for your hair!

Stay with a quality shampoo, conditioner and a styling product.

Make sure of the quality of the products that you use on your hair and scalp too!

Another common error in the care of the hair that we do is to wash your hair every day.

By doing so you are taking away its natural oils that protect against damage.

3. Rub your Hair with Towel:

The right way of drying the hair with a towel is squeeze it rather than rubbing.

Rub weakens the hair making it more vulnerable to damage.

So before you ruin everything, dry it with a towel and let it stay damp.

Go slow in drying to let the hair recover.

4. Treatments with High Temperature:

Treatment of high temperature, such as drying and straightening can damage the hair easily.

Heat strip hair of the natural oils that are produced on the scalp.

These natural oils form a protective layer on the hair shaft and protects it from daily damage.

The lack of these natural oils leaves the hair shaft more vulnerable to damage.

Make sure you use special products that contain oils to protect your hair from the high temperatures.

Also make sure the temperature suits your hair type.

If you must use heat, then choose a product that allows you to adjust the temperature settings from.

5. Poor Feeding:

what we need to ensure is that not only we use the right products on the outside.

Hair is more well-nourished by the nutrients that feed our body.

a Poor diet can weaken the hair considerably.

So make sure vitamin C, protein, folic acid, biotin, iron and zinc are present in your diet.

All the nutrients and proteins above mainly have keratin that helps in hair growth fast.

Therefore, to ensure that they are available in the ideal quantities is the right path to follow!

> Other big cons of the care with the hair:

do Not use the wrong products. Your hair type should determine the shampoo that you use.

oily Hair need a balancing shampoo; dry hair needs a moisturizing.

is Not difficult, get a haircut that requires minimal care, less damage.

don’t let things accumulate. Use a shampoo clarifier to remove buildup of product and dirt.

do Not expose your hair to harmful elements like the sun at noon-day, or chlorine.

it Is necessary to avoid damage due to the sun’s harmful rays and chemicals in the pool.

Not to get in the pool with dry hair, if your hair is wet, before you get in a swimming pool, it is less likely that the chlorine will get in and damage it.

do Not tie tight, your hair will get stretched and break if tied too tight. Especially when wet.

Not waive his hair cut. Keep trimmed the hair every 4 to 6 weeks or at least every 3 months to keep the ends split.

8 Practical Tips for Girls with Natural Hair

laziness can lead to tips and smart strategies.

And it is so true, lazy people often show an extraordinary creativity, when they have a job to do, they always find the simplest way to do it.

1. Dry your hair with a shirt or a towel of micro fiber will reduce the frizz and brittle hair after washing. Saves time for the style!

2. For easy cleanup, cover your sink with a plastic film when you detangle the hair! Cleaning will be easier and faster after that.

3. Before your sport to take advantage of the opportunity to make your oil-bath, the humidity and temperature above your body it will penetrate better with the oils in your hair.

4. If you have hair very dry, try method no-poo, washing your hair only with shampoo once per week.

5. Always anti-frizz! Try sleeping on satin or a material that slides (a pillowcase, for example) because the cotton is the main cause of frizz (curly hair).

6. I am often asked how can I make um Wash and Go with no effect! I apply oil in my hair and mainly use the method LOC simple, fast and effective, all natural hair should use this method.

7. Heat up your conditioner for greater efficiency, it will be best to operate two times, but also fast. This method improves the absorption and fixing of the hair.

You will see from the wash. (Heat it: in a bain-marie or microwave, or using a helmet or a cap of steam, or in the shower: pointing the jet of hot water in the container in which you have already downloaded the desired amount, before you apply it on your hair).

Warning! Please do not warm up whole bottle, it could significantly affect the conservation of the product.

8. To revive your curls when your hair is already hydrated, simply spray on your ends, a mixture of water and cream to the hair without rinsing (leave-in).

Steps to Make your Hair Grow Faster

There are many ways to make hair grow quickly, and I’m going to share with you now.

1. A care plan for healthy hair

This is what we’re going to use it as a weapon to achieve the desired result to these high expectations.

We not only focus on what to prioritize, while the basic objectives can be summarized in three points:

1. Keep a healthy scalp;

2. Improve the fortification of the hair that grows;

3. Avoid cases.

A good product is the yeast, healing in a few months and is also effective on hair and nails!

step 1: the Routine

Establish a routine that allows your hair regularly to receive the appropriate care. Here is an example of a good routine:

– Prépoo (bath of olive oil, for example: 1 time per week);
– Use 1 shampoo once per week or less, you can, depending on the time, do a co wash;
– Make a mask;
– For days without shampoos: maintain hydration by using the method LOC (water spray, oil, and styling cream);
– Carry demo led that do not require much manipulation.

4 Additional Tricks to Activate your Session:

– Make masks of protein to strengthen the capillary fiber.
– You can use a coconut milk that heals 2 times per week for 2 months (to be applied on the hair and leave for 30 minutes).
– massage on the scalp promotes good circulation of blood is a good trick to oxygenate the scalp and activate the hair growth naturally. Do 1 to 3 minutes, in 1 or 2 times per week.

Step 2: Patience!

The growth of hair is rated, on average, 1 cm per month.

be careful with the break of the hair.

Take also into account the genetic heritage of the person. In some girls, the hair goes to the bottom of the back, and others will have a maximum length up to the shoulders.

Also, be patient, because if you think of all the time in the growth of your hair, you can develop a frustration! Instead, change your thinking, and thinking a little, I want my hair healthy.

How to check if they grow faster? If you stretch the hair once in a while you will see that, eventually, they grow properly.

Now you have all the weapons to make your hair grow faster while keeping them healthy. Admit the health and the length of your hair is a beauty that should not be forgotten.

it May take more or less time for some people, but take care of these hair actually promotes a rapid growth, this is certainly the most effective method.

With this method, in 6 months you will see a difference, then you need to get started!

→ See the Other Tips of how to Make your Hair Grow in the Infographic Above

UPDATED: 07.06.17




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