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Tips to keep Nails Stronger

Make the nail stronger it is the goal of many women, against the aspect from the nail weak and without beauty, and with the easy puzzle by the day-to-day.


don’t share your nail file

Resist the temptation to let any one – even a parent – use your Sandpaper Nails decorated.

This tool is a powerful Item that carries various germs. Keep your to yourself, and replace when necessary.

>> All About Nails Decorated nail Polishes and Manicures.


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(VIDEO) How to Make your Nails grow fast and strong?

home treatment indicated is very interesting to apply on nails weak, is easy to prepare.

The process is performed by two steps, which need to be initially, be careful with the hydration of the nail. This hydration for strengthening requires half a coffee spoon of lemon and also a teaspoon with almond oil sweet, as the ingredients.

To prepare is simple, just squeeze the lemon and then mix with almond oil.

The product must be passed in the nails simple in the night, with massage for 10 minutes, the cuticle also.

After is indicated washing with soap and water; it is important for application at night and washing well with no staining of the lemon.

The next step is to pass the basis of sustaining, which is an option the base of the carnation of india. The base with iodine for focused weak toenails is interesting and very powerful; however it is not allowed to use the glaze after, unlike the base with nails.

ingredients for the preparation of the base strengthening with iodine are used 3 drops of iodine, a base for nail and colorless, and even a pinch of sodium bicarbonate. The recommendation is to mix the ingredients and shake the glass from the base.

This base is passed as in the case of the common base, without the glaze on top; the indication is to move the base every 3 days.

With practical ideas, nails are strengthened quickly. Some information is useful to leave your nails strong for growth.

food is essential, because in the absence of nutrients, the hair and nails suffer the consequences.

The nail needs of proteins and vitamins for fortification, with food being important for health of fingernails.

The caution with chemicals must exist, since cleaning products are responsible for weakening nails, with chemical components. The glove is ideal, of rubber, for protection.

And acetone in excess, become the nails, parched and weak. The ideal is to remove the nail Polish using removers, these are not so harmful, and the idea is to choose products with glycerin or moisturizing oil.

The enamel is left for a long time on the nails on longer than a week, hinders growth, with the appearance weak and brittle. Are essential tips for daily care, thus maintaining the beauty and health of nails.

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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