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If you are thinking of doing a visit to the beauty salon to give a touch on the look, you will want to get the best service and hairstyle possible, right?

that Is why our team has talked with some experts, Cesar Oliveira, owner of the London Hair Studio and Ana Caroline of the Best beauty Hair Studio also in london.

These 2 professionals have passed some important tips from the best beauty salons the best times to go, how to get care of last time, when you are desperate, hair of the famous, and much more.

>> Your Hair As if it Had come Out of the Hairdresser


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(VIDEO) 14 Secrets your hairstylist will never tell you

The best way to find a new hairdresser:

The best way is through references. Then, ask the acquaintances, friends, family, even searching on forums and websites on the internet – someone whose hair you like is the ideal.

Learn where to go and when you like the hair of a person does not have shame to ask where he did the hairstyle or coloration.

So, if you like the service to pass the nomination forward your hairdresser will love it and for sure you will always win new goodies each time you go.

What is the worst day and time to go to the hair stylist:

Saturday morning certainly are the most races for any hairdresser.

The 2 respondents are unanimes avoid the Saturday skin morning because it’s his busiest day, especially Saturday morning.

Fridays are also races not so much, since it is the end of the week and your hairdresser is probably tired and eager to enjoy the weekend.

Other occasions the bad: The first appointment of the day, as the hairdresser not been established yet.

Be the last customer also is not the best choice, as the hair stylist will be tired and ready to go for though.

Lunch can also be difficult, as the hairdresser as the rest of the people, can be angry when you are hungry.

What is the best day and time to go to the hair stylist:

At the beginning of the week like a Tuesday or Wednesday in either the late morning or early afternoon.

The stylist is not tired, but is resolving your routine, and for sure you will be better served and have more time with your hairdresser, that way it’s easier to mark a court’s appointment last time.

Try to score for the second or third appointment of the day so that the stylist is there, quiet and still not tired.

If you are in doubt about the hair stylist:

Schedule a consultation, particularly if you are visiting a hairdresser for the first time.

Take picture as examples of what you want and talk about it.

A good hairdresser should honestly tell you what will and will not work on your hair and explain how it can modify your wires both the best cut or color as possible.

Caution if your hairdresser is promising the world:

The chances are that he is not being totally honest.

it Is almost impossible to leave your hair exactly the one photo of Jennifer Aniston that took you a time that we all have different face shapes and hair textures, so if he is assuring you that you will get just like the photo, when the cut or the coloring getting ready caution.

on the other hand, a good stylist will be honest about what it can really do and will work with you to find something that will be good for your face shape and hair type.

The best way to please your hairdresser:

Many people already mark the return of the next appointment, still in the beauty salon famous.

This not only ensures that you get the best day and time with your hairdresser more also this creates a bond of loyalty between you and your hairdresser this account point to you he will surely see this as a vote of loyalty, and whenever you come back there will be treated like a princess by him.

The worst thing you can do is:

do Not arrive late to the scheduled time that shows disrespect with your hairdresser.

If you want the best service, show up at the right time, especially if you are the last appointment of the day, the hairdressers are unanimes to say that if you arrive late for the last time of the day you can forget any special treatment.

The best thing you can do is:

If you want the best service, treat well your hair stylist they will give back double of affection you can have for sure.

in addition, whenever possible, pay in cash the credit card companies charge a fee, or is, the hairdresser actually left with less money in the end.

do Not forget all in the lounge deserve respect:

The wizard of a hairdresser or the person of the shampoo. These people are often forgotten, but they are a big part in your experience within the salon of beauty the most famous, so it is important to treat them very well.

When you are getting coloration on the wire, the person that is going to take has the power over your hair because they can not wash and rinse properly for example.

it is important to treat all employees of the salon of the security to the cleaning lady.

you Know those expensive products your stylist recommends:

The truth is that, if a stylist recommends something it is because it will be good for your hair, so if you trust your stylist, listen to him.

Especially when it comes to dyed hair, the shampoo and conditioner right can help maintain your color and keep hair healthy.

You just spent all this money to have your hair colored or cut differently, it makes no sense not to spend a little more on the right products to maintain the appearance.

Additionally, this makes the job easier when you return with the healthy hair.

Take 1 finger is not only a inch:

When you’re talking about the hair this small measure can mean very different things to you and your hairdresser.

So, instead of getting talking to it taking just 2 fingers or 2 inches, to do better, show it when you want it to take.

This can avoid any hassles in the future.

If you are desperate for a commitment from last time:

to Be honest. Explain your situation, because shows the most famous generally want to help her especially if you are a good customer, one more reason for you to treat well.

There are a few methods that you can try to get answer from last time:

1. If the salon is booked, ask to be put on the waiting list. Once you are on the waiting list, you can try two or three connections to the hall to see if any vacancies opened up.

This lets the front desk know that you are serious. Do not call more than that to not become boring.

2. If you have a good relationship with your hairdresser, politely ask the front desk if you can speak with him or leave a message for him explaining the situation directly.

Hairdressers occasionally arrive early or stay late to their loyal customers.

have You ever wondered why the prices can vary a lot from salon to beauty salon:

This depends on a few factors. One of them is the location of the beauty salon – halls the noblest areas will likely charge more. The other might be the hairdresser to watch out in the hall.

If any of them are “hair Salons celebrity“ they can charge more.

Additionally, within a beauty salon in sp, prices may vary according to the experience of a hairdresser.

high Price does not guarantee perfect hair for this reason it is always good to follow the hint to look for new salons by appointment.

The real reason some hair takes longer to cut than the others:

Is the texture. Hairdressers say fine hair is faster than cutting thick hair that texture is more important than the length. So, if you know that you have very thick hair, go prepared for a bit of time.

And in that sense, if you’re in a hurry, make a prior consultation.

And tell your hair Stylist before you start the service that you are in a hurry so that he or she be prepared.

UPDATED: 02.06.17



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