11 Things you should avoid before pregnancy

The care and preparation that a woman may have before you embark on a process of conception, is vital for the pregnancy to develop normally. There are several specific habits that should be avoided before pregnancy to ensure that the body and mind are ready for this stage.

The fertility is a factor that can be improved if you and your partner acquire more routines to healthy. Keep in mind the following tips.

what is it that you should avoid before pregnancy?

1. The smoke of the tobacco. kick the smoking habit must be left even before conception.

It has been shown that couples who smoke take longer to conceive and the eggs are more likely to develop abnormalities. The tobacco also increases the risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy; in the case of men, smoking reduces the quality and quantity of sperm.

2. The excess of caffeine. it is Not necessary that you suppress your morning coffee, but if you consume more than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day, you may have problems with fertility. the During pregnancy, excess caffeine affects your body’s ability to absorb iron and, in many cases, dehydration occurs. Too much nicotine also increases the chances of miscarriage and premature births.

3. The alcoholic drinks. During the period of time in which you and your partner are trying to conceive, you need to suppress the excessive consumption of alcohol (up to two drinks a day maximum). is The excess of liquor is associated with irregular menstrual cycles, absence of ovulation, and abnormal levels of estrogen and progesterone.

4. Being overweight or extreme thinness. If you think you or your doctor has told you that you have problems with any of the two extremes of weight, it is time to try to regulate it. is A body mass index too low or too high, it can alter the menstrual cycles, ovulation, cause gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and deformations in the fetus. , Before you conceive, try to normalize your weight to prevent complications during pregnancy.

5. A sedentary life style. It avoids putting any more excuses to escape from the physical activity. Taving a regular exercise routine moderate which includes activities such as walking, biking, or practicing yoga, significantly reduces the amount of time that will have to wait to get pregnant. The exercise is necessary to condition your body for the time that you can conceive.

6. The excess of exercise. as with the weight, the key is to find a middle point in the physical activity. is too much exercise during the period of conception, increases the waiting to get pregnant; in many cases, the routines are very demanding interfere with the menstrual periods and male fertility.

7. The stressful lifestyle. There is serious scientific evidence that chronic stress or intense can adversely affect the functioning of the reproductive system.

In many cases, stress affects your health and therefore the ability to conceive; ten healthy habits that include relaxation activities such as a sport, an art or a hobby that you enjoy so much.

8. Foods canned or packaged in plastic containers. Many of these containers contain chemicals that alter the conditions of reproduction of men and women; reduces the count of sperm and egg suitable for fertilization; eat foods in the most natural way possible to avoid the risk of receiving agents are potential contaminants in your body.

9. Fish with high mercury concentration. Some fish have more mercury than others; some of them are swordfish, shark, some varieties of tuna, and mackerel. the high levels of mercury in the blood affect fertility both in men as in women, it has also been proved that the mercury stays in the body for up to a year after consumption, and affects the development of the brain and the nervous system of the baby.

10. The lack of healthy foods in the diet. If your body is in a healthy state, will increase your chances of conceiving; eating well is one of the keys to having a healthy pregnancy.

11. Neglecting oral health. one of the things that you should avoid before pregnancy, is to ignore the care of your teeth. Believe it or not, a gum disease or oral hygiene poor, it affects the quality of sperm and increases the risk of premature birth.