10 Tips to get started in Yoga with the right foot

have you Ever gone to a yoga class and you have decided to try? You’ve sure got a lot of doubts and some fear of this new world of leggings and mats. Don’t worry, here I leave you

10 tips to get you started on the path of yoga with the right foot

1 – you do Not see yoga as a religion:

Because of its origins and because it is practiced within religions such as hinduism and buddhism, many people believe that it is necessary to profess a religion in particular to the practice of yoga, but this is not so. The yoga is more a philosophy of life, a way of exercising the body and mind, a path to self-discovery and personal growth.

2.- Practicing yoga is not a “keep going until no more”:

The practice of Asanas or postures should be something fluid and comfortable. When you see that you no longer you can control your breathing and you find yourself fatigued, it is time to rest in child’s pose for example) and again to regain breath and energy. Don’t forget that yoga is based on listening to what your body and your mind tell you at every moment,in every positions…let them case.

3.- Do not seek short-term results:

If what you want is to practice yoga for specific reasons such as to lose weight, gain muscle or tone the body, give time to practice, do not hurry up in get immediate results. The physical exercise that you do with yoga will give you great results on the body level, of that there is no doubt, but you should work more the constancy of the intensity.

4.- Get a good mat or Yoga mat:

If you set out to practice yoga regularly, buy a mat or mat of yoga will be a good investment. Looking for the one that best suits your needs. There are more and less coarse, long or short, there is even a square that is for the whole family. Be that as it may you choose to make it non-slip and allow you to perform the asanas safely.

I leave Here a link where you can compare the different types of yoga mats and choose the one that best suits you: Yoga mats

the 5.- Practice yoga as if nobody was watching:

When I started attending yoga classes I was ashamed of doing a posture incorrectly, or lose your balance in full stance, and falling to the ground in front of everyone. But as time passed I began to understand that, while yoga is done in a group, it is always something personal. Everything is between the mat and me. Now don’t look at how to make the people around me, live each posture and I keep my own pace.

6.- When you wake up with “too much pain to go to your yoga class” looks in all modes:

One of the best things that you can do when you feel the sore body is to provide you with a session of restorative yoga. With the breathing and the stretching you relieve those muscle tension and, as I said before, yoga is tailored to how you feel in each moment and what you can give, so we adapt to how you feel about your body.

7.- Performing Yoga with the light stomach:

in order To make better use of your yoga class and feel good with the movements, try to always go with the stoma lightweight. If you’ve eaten so hearty, lets spend a little time before you head into the mat, and if your class is after a snack, eat a piece of fruit and an infusion that you activate but don’t weigh, you’ll be able to eat what you want after the session. What you should not forget for your yoga class is a water bottle for hydration during the session.

8.- Take photos of your yoga poses:

Although it may seem fashionable to take pictures doing different postures of yoga ( and usually most commonly seen on social networks are the most complicated to make), it can be very helpful at the time of ve3r the progress you are making with the continuous practice. Take pictures or videos of your first few weeks and guardalas out there. When you desmotives or feel that you don’t advance, take a look at those photos and I assure you that you will be surprised by the changes that you have experienced with the practice.

9.- It always gives a little more of it:

When you are stretching and feel that you can reach a little further without getting to feel a lot of pain, go ahead. If when meditating you can endure a few more minutes of concentration, forward. Gives the most of you (respecting your limits, of course), and it strengthens your mind, it controls your practice.

10.- Oh I know happy with the Yoga!:

This is a journey that has no end… Each day that you practice yoga is an opportunity to get to know you and reinvent yourself. Take advantage of this way to give you small victories, moments of peace, and above all to find that feeling of happiness.