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The Honey Lightens the Hair?

Honey does lighten the hair? I decided to make my own experience.

Honey has been used in preparations of hair since the beginning of time.

has been Proven to nourish the hair. But it does not do anything more, beyond this? The honey lightens the hair as well?

This question has been asked thousands of times, and the answers are varied.

Some say that does nothing to change the color of the hair.

While others say they definitely lightens the hair with chamomile.

Some even ask me if the honey turns hair white! So what is the answer?

When people ask if honey lightens the hair, I can only respond based on experience.

If you hair is very dark and never notice a lighting effect.

Well, decide to find out once and for all, how to act.

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>> Here Is A Suggestion:

The Experiment

1. Take two pieces of hair virgin natural not industrialized.

Wet a piece and then saturate with the honey and let it sit without being disturbed for two weeks.

Use honey multifloral. Do not do anything to the other piece of hair. Compare the lock trial with this “control” to see how much, if any, the hair changed color.

2. After the period of two weeks, wash all of the honey trial. Let it dry and then compare it with the other piece.


I Examined both pieces of hair very carefully, and I think the result was?

there was No change at all!!! No, nothing. I was a little surprised with the results, to tell the truth.

So, why many people say that the honey soothes your hair?

there Could be a number of reasons for this, but here are 4 Major reasons why honey may have seemed like lighten your hair with hydrogen peroxide.

>> Why do People Say That Honey Lightens Your Hair?

1. Would the honey affect the hair in different ways?

As I mentioned before, I used to use honey multi-floral.

Some types of honey such as buckwheat have more antioxidants than the honey that is more clear.

So honey is darker it has more mineral and iron, so maybe it is only this difference contributes to the mitigation of the hair.

2. If you read most any recipe for using honey to lighten the hair.

The honey is usually accompanied by at least one more ingredient.

The olive oil, cinnamon, vinegar, lemon juice, shampoos and conditioners Certain, and various teas have suggested the use of honey for the lighten dyed hair.

The majority of these ingredients is proven as a lightening agent.

Therefore, if you use any of the theses and add the honey, it seems that is illuminating the hair.

When, in reality, another ingredient could actually be the culprit.

3. My wicks experimental were not in the sun at any time.

I wonder if the sun has nothing to do with it. Over time, the sun can cause certainly harm.

If a person uses honey and a lot of time going in the sun, maybe there can be some whitening of the hair with cinnamon.

4. Is that the honey has a cumulative effect?

If a person used honey in their hair for many months, perhaps a lighting effect go occur.

Still, perhaps this is a possibility, although the majority of people who claim that honey lightens makes this fairly quickly.



3 biscuits of oats with jam of red fruits

1 cup of coffee with milk

afternoon Snack

1 yogurt with probiotics


1 saucer of cherry tomatoes chopped with tofu and vegetables.

2 esfirras vegetable with sesame paste and white cheese

1 nectarine

afternoon Snack

1 handful of walnuts, and chestnuts


1 dish of green salad + chickpeas + tuna

1 dish of risotto seafood

1 bunch small grape thompson


1 cup of orange juice with acerola

Got any questions or have any Suggestions leave below in the comments, your opinion or critique is very important.

UPDATED: 05.06.17



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